AccuWave Electromagnetic (EM) MWD


The AccuWave™ Electromagnetic MWD system is the premier solution for reliable high-speed data transmission in all drilling environments. Data is transmitted continuously via electromagnetic wave propagation from the downhole tool to the surface, enabling you to achieve considerable time savings during each connection, regardless of the drilling fluid in use.

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AccuWave delivers fast survey times in harsh conditions

What does this mean for you?

  • No moving parts - Eliminating the pulser drastically improves the mechanical reliability of the MWD system.
  • Drilling fluid independent - The AccuWave system can operate in all drilling fluids (mud, air, mist, foam, etc.)
  • Unlimited LCM tolerance - Eliminate significant NPT attributed to trips as a result of packed-off mud-pulsers.
  • Continuous Inclination provides enhanced positional awareness, eliminates check shots and provides the data necessary to drill a smoother wellbore
  • Precise directional surveys