Propagation Resistivity

The AccuSteer™ propagation resistivity system provides accurate resistivity readings in a broad range of environments and conditions. With 3 antenna spacings and 3 transmit frequencies, the system addresses both formation evaluation and geosteering applications. The antenna spacing and frequencies provide one of the deepest readings and the broadest ranging resistivity tools in the industry.

  • State of the art propagation resistivity
  • 48-, 28-, 18-in. antenna spacing and 2MHz, 400KHz, and 152KHz frequencies
  • 16 resistivity curves available
  • 250 hours operating life
  • 175° C operation
  • Shortest in the industry – incorporates into the AccuSteer system for a total length of 34 ft.

Applications & Benefits
  • Accurate correlation enabling accurate casing point and TD selection
  • Wireline log replacement in certain areas
  • Quick look identification of hydrocarbons in conventional reservoirs
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Early detection of approaching bed boundaries for geosteering

  • Available in AccuSteer