Technology & Innovation

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. View historical information about Tesco automation.

The oil and gas industry has historically seen limited differentiation between oilfield service companies. This requires those organizations that want to be successful to separate themselves from the pack by developing new technology.

Nabors is doing this in virtually all of our product lines. We are currently designing rigs with the goal of automating the entire drilling process in order to bring increased levels of safety to our customers. Our PACE®-X rig, a step change in pad drilling, is a good example. Meanwhile we continue to develop software that improves drilling efficiency, a Nabors strong point. Products like ROCKIT®, REVIT and DRILLSMART are playing key roles in this process. We are also developing technology like our GammaFRacsystem that is designed to shrink our environmental footprint during completion and production operations.